Manufactured Vacuum Belt Filter

Vacuum Belt Filters

Compositech recently designed and manufactured a vacuum belt filter which incorporates characteristics of both a horizontal belt filter and a belt press filter. These filters are highly efficient and provide a low-maintenance solution primarily for reclaiming sugar in the processing of cane mud.

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Vacuum Belt Filter - SVP 2200

Compositech’s SVP 2200 was designed and manufactured to wash soluble substances from cane mud reducing sugar content. The functions of Compositech’s vacuum belt filter are to recover residual sugar in the mud and to remove mud solids from the juice. The continual filtration process incorporates constant filter cloth washing to provide a clean cloth belt each cycle. Depending on the application, mud washing can be enhanced with the use of hot water imbibition bars on the filter. Compositech’s SVP 2200 is capable of the following performance:

  • Mud Cake Production (Dry Cake)                      Up to 240 tons per day
  • Discharge Moisture of Cake                               65%
  • Residual POL in Cake                                        1.2-2%
  • Production-based upon 30 Kg Cake/TC Up to 8,000 TCD

Our filters have been placed into production resulting in improved cake production numbers for the following sugar processing customers:

  • Rio Grande Sugar Growers
  • Sterling Sugar
  • Raceland Raw Sugar

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