Belt Press Filter Plows


Compositech manufactures specially shaped plows for Belt Press Filters and Gravity Belt Thickeners designed to improve sludge drainage by reversing and evenly distributing the sludge on the belt.  The “gravity” zone of belt press filters features distribution plows that continuously turn, push, compress, and distribute the sludge across the width of the belt, allowing for optimal drainage of liquids.  This is the same method used by gravity belt thickeners for draining liquids and thickening sludge.  Both of these machines are designed with parallel rows of vertical distribution plows assembled on stainless steel bars.  


Gravity Belt Thickener Chicanes Manufacturer

We make left hand and right hand plows specifically shaped to provide optimal drainage. Manufactured of a hard plastic material, our plows are footed with replaceable shoes also made of anti-wear plastic. We manufacture full plow assemblies and plow lifting straps as well as individual parts and replacement shoes for all models of belt press filters and thickeners.

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