IMPCO™ Filtration System Parts

IMPCO Filtration EquipmentCompositech manufactures and stocks quality replacement parts for IMPCO™ disc filters including sectors, sluice pans, bearings, slides, scraper blades, connecting rods, valves, and shower kits.

IMPCO™ Disc Filter Rebuilds & Inspection

IMPCO Filter Angle

Additionally, our service group regularly completes rebuilds of IMPCO™ disc filters. Compositech provides on-site inspections to troubleshoot disc filter problems including:

  • Inadequate vacuum
  • High operating level & rotational speed
  • High filtrate solids
  • Difficult cake release

Our technicians are experienced with machining, repairing, and reassembling IMPCO™ center barrels, drives, repulpers, sectors, and suction heads.

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Compositech is not an authorized replacement parts or services supplier for GL&V®, GL&V and design®, CELLECO™, Beloit Jones™ and/or IMPCO™ brand process equipment or parts therefor nor is it in any way associated with GL&V USA Inc. or its affiliated entities.

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