Used Eimco Vacuum Drum Filters 10006 & 10007

  • 13’-6” Diameter X 36’ Long
  • Chain driven Roll Discharge with Scraper
  • Formerly used in a Kaolin production facility
  • Stainless steel Drum with stainless steel Vat
  • Vat exterior supports are carbon steel
  • 23.5” Drive and Non-Drive Trunnions 
  • 16” Hy-Flow Cast Stainless Steel Solution Valves on Drive and Non-Drive Trunnions.
  • Complete set of new polypropylene grids
  • Rebuilt 23.5” Drive Housing assembly
  • New paint on carbon steel exterior components

    Used Eimco Vacuum Drum Filters

    Eimco Vacuum Drum Filters 


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