Ametek™ Filtration Equipment

Ametek 17Compositech has an extensive history of developing improved products to optimize filter performance for our vacuum filtration customers. We regularly inspect and maintain vacuum filters with quality replacement parts designed and produced in our factory. Parts we offer for Ametek™ drum filters include bearings, housings, wear plates, agitators, worms, motors, valves, drives, scraper blades, and drainage grids.

Ametek™ Drum Filter Replacement Parts

Ametek Worm Shaft SpacerCompositech technicians are highly qualified to inspect Ametek™ housings, rotary drum filters, troubleshoot filtration issues, and identify effective solutions. Our inspection provides a thorough review of the drum assembly, drum drive, valve assembly, agitator assembly, and filter discharge. Upon identifying solutions to your filtration issues, we will ship machine-ready parts for installation by your own crew or our service group will travel to your plant for installations and complete filter overhauls. 

Ametek Pipe PlateFor a drum assembly rebuild, Compositech blasts and pressure washes both the drum interior and exterior and all filtrate piping. We then pressure test the drum to find any leaks in the shell or piping. Leaks are weld repaired and we install any needed components including our Hi-Flow Drainage Grids. In comparison to older Ametek™ grids, Compositech grids feature a wide open drainage pattern with a true open  area of 65% for optimal flow characteristics without sacrificing filter cloth support. 

Ametek Scraper BladeCompositech technicians are also experienced in overhauling drum drive assemblies.  We repair damage to the Ametek™ housing and apply new coatings to all surfaces. Then we install new liners in the bearing housing and reassemble the unit with new bearings, shims, spacers, worm wheel, worm, worm shaft and seals as needed. To replace a worn valve assembly, we provide a dual outlet assembly consisting of a valve body, bridging, wear plate, mounting hardware, bushings, gaskets, multiflex connectors, and gauges.  The valve body and bridging is stainless steel and our wear plates are made of UHMW-PE.

Ametek Pivot BushingCompositech sandblasts and inspects the agitator assembly and makes any needed repairs. We supply a drive motor and gear reducer and we install new bushings, pins, and bearings on the existing agitator assembly.  Our discharge system inspection includes both the advancing and retracting drive systems.  Compositech manufactures direct replacement scraper blades for Ametek™ drum filters.  Our scraper blades are made of Stellite and cut to precise shape and size and finely sharpened.

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