On-Site Disc Filter Repair


Rebuild and Repair services are offered and can be scheduled at your regular turnaround time. Our service technicians are able to quickly perform routine maintenance at your plant. In addition to saving man hours, these services result in an overall savings in terms of the lifespan of your machinery.

For many customers operating disc filters, Compositech provides a trained crew to perform in-plant sector recover services. This service includes removal of a predetermined number of sectors from the Saveall. The removed sectors are stripped of their covers and pressure cleaned. The sectors are weld repaired as needed and new covers are installed and fitted. We re-install the recovered sectors with new acid resistance gaskets and we inspect and adjust all clamps, mounting bolts, etc. This in-plant recovering is effective when a facility chooses to change several rows of sectors regularly as part of a PM schedule providing for a complete scheduled recover of all sectors.

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