Celleco Disc Filters

Compositech provides complete rebuilds of Celleco™ disc filters for our customers.

Celleco Disc Filter Equipment

Our technicians conduct on-site inspections to troubleshoot disc filter problems:

  • Inadequate vacuum
  • High operating level & rotational speed
  • High filtrate solids
  • Difficult cake release

Celleco™ Disc Filter Rebuilds & Inspection

Celleco CDI  Top Hood Door 6091-1043-01

We solve filtration issues by repairing and reassembling disc filter centershafts, drives, repulpers, segments, and suction heads.

For parts damaged beyond repair, we provide replacements made to meet or exceed the material and quality of OEM components.

Celleco Sector - 5 sided

Our stock of Compositech designed spare parts for Celleco™ disc filters includes wear discs, segments, retainer rings, tie rods, seals, fiberglass or stainless steel hood doors, pressure bellows, screw conveyor assemblies, knock off and oscillating shower heads, gaskets, and valves.

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Compositech is not an authorized replacement parts or services supplier for GL&V®, GL&V and design®, CELLECO™, Beloit Jones™ and/or IMPCO™ brand process equipment or parts therefor nor is it in any way associated with GL&V USA Inc. or its affiliated entities.

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