Agitators for Disc Filters


Disc filter and some drum filters have agitator assemblies which oscillate in the filter tank to provide uniform suspension of the solids in the slurry.  Compositech manufactures all parts of agitator assemblies for disc and drum filters. 

Disc filters primarily use paddle type agitators which rotate at the bottom of the filter tank driven by a constant speed drive at one end of the paddle shaft.  Some disc filters use propeller agitators which enter the tank from the top and are driven by a shaft mounted right angle gear motor.  

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Drum & Tank Agitators


For drum filters agitators, the rake is manufactured with a curvature providing adequate drum and tank clearance.  This rake is driven on both sides by a pivot bearing located on top of the trunnion away from the slurry.  The drum filter agitator rake on some filters can be swung out of the tank without removing the filter drum or disconnecting the pivot bearing.  Agitators which are pivot mounted below the trunnions must be disassembled for removal from the filter tank agitator.  


Compositech stocks agitator assembly parts and our service crew is trained to evaluate agitator assemblies by removing and sandblasting the assembly and making needed repairs.  We install new bushings, pins and bearings on the existing agitator assembly.  If needed, we can also supply a drive motor and gear reducer to provide the appropriate number of cycles per minute on the agitator assembly.

We produce the highest quality Agitators for our valued customers.

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