Pulp & Paper Filtration for Mill

Pulp & Paper Filtration


Compositech's pulp and paper filtration mill customers regularly use vacuum filtration equipment for fiber recovery and for sludge dewatering. Paper mills use disc filters as savealls to recover fiber lost in the paper making process. Additionally, disc filters are used as stock thickeners in both pulp and paper mills. A lot of pulp and paper filtration equipment also uses gravity tables and belt press filters for sludge dewatering and AES strainers in conjunction with savealls and deckers for polishing shower white water and for removing felt hairs from recycled press water.

Compositech's rotary vacuum disc filters are used for filtration in many processing industries including pulp and paper industrial water filters. Disc filters are versatile and provide reliable, continuous liquid-solid separation, however they do require major operator attention and a high volume of synthetic wire sector cover replacement due to the high tonnage of abrasive materials being filtered.

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Replacement Parts for Pulp & Paper Filter

In addition to the vacuum disc filters we manufacture, Compositech supplies improved replacement parts for other disc filter brands. Compositech manufactures a stainless steel centershaft successfully used by our pulp & paper filtration equipment clients to replace the cast iron centershaft supplied with most disc filters. The proprietary design of our centershaft features custom made radial rod sockets and tubing for the drive end trunnions. All filtrate tubes and trunnions are 100% seal welded before machining to ensure a smooth, leak free finish. All filtrate tubes are individually removable from the centershaft allowing for easy repair and replacement without requiring complete disassembly of the filter. We design our centershafts to meet or exceed the quality of the original equipment manufacturer. Most recently, we built a replacement centershaft for an Eimco® disc filter. This Compositech designed and manufactured centershaft, measures 33 inches in diameter with a length of 28 feet, 9 inches.

Pulp & Paper Industrial Water Filtration


We have a large inventory of pulp and paper filtration and industrial water filtration system parts including:

  • wear plates
  • valves
  • bridging
  • flex connectors
  • sectors
  • clamps and rods
  • sector covers
  • tie rods
  • retainer rings
  • bearings and bearing liners
  • screw conveyor bearing housings
  • stub shafts
  • air clutches
  • stainless steel hood doors
  • knock off shower headers
  • oscillating shower headers
  • screw conveyor scrapers
  • agitators
  • drive gears and worms
  • motors and reducers

We are also able to custom design parts or pulp and paper industrial water filters to your specifications.

Gravity Table & Belt Press Filter Designs

Compositech produces our own gravity table and belt press filter designs with several models available. We also manufacture replacement parts for other brands of gravity tables and belt press filters. The unique inflow arrangement of the gravity table in combination with a belt press maximizes the drainage efficiency of the dewatering process in terms of flow rate, polymer consumption, and solid content in the cake.
Compositech stocks bearing assemblies, seals, gaskets, rollers, doctor blades, steering valves, plows, feed boxes, and belts for all makes of gravity table and belt press filter.

Pulp & Paper Equipment Manufacturer 

As an industrial water filtration equipment manufacturer, Compositech manufactures our own design of disc filter, gravity table and belt press filter. In addition to our equipment designs, we fabricate replacement parts for other brands of disc filters, gravity tables, and belt press filters, and we make spare parts for AES strainers. Our technical staff have a broad background with years of experience working directly for disc filter manufacturers. We are available to provide a range of services from simple sector recovering to complete filter rebuilds, industrial water filtration systems, and emergency repairs for all models of vacuum filters.

We stock Compositech designed and manufactured replacement parts for AES, Andritz, Ashbrook, Beloit Jones™, Celleco™, Dorr-Oliver®, Eimco®, GL&V®, IMPCO™, Komline-Sanderson®, Parkson, SernaTech/Sernagiotto and most other brands of vacuum filters. Our replacement parts meet or exceed the quality and material of vacuum disc filter OEM components.

Contact us today and allow Compositech to help you or answer any questions concerning your pulp and paper filtration and industrial water filtration equipment needs.

Compositech is not an authorized replacement parts or services supplier for GL&V®, GL&V and design®, CELLECO™, Beloit Jones™ and/or IMPCO™ brand process equipment or parts therefor nor is it in any way associated with GL&V USA Inc. or its affiliated entities.

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