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Chemifilter Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter

Horizontal Belt Filters

Compositech Products, leading horizontal vacuum belt filter manufacturer, produces a line of small and medium sized horizontal vacuum belt filters designed specifically for fine chemical filtration. Total active filtration area for our Chemifilter ranges from 2.5 to 100 square feet. These filters feature tubular frames for ease of cleaning and special chemical resistant materials are used in filter construction and for coatings. We use non-lubricated FDA approved polymer bearings, fully enclosed troughing supports, full coverage drip pans with flanged drains, and fully encapsulated drainage belts for our horizontal belt filters.


Designed for ease of maintenance, the drainage belt, pulleys, and support decks are easily removed from the Compositech Chemifilter. Most maintenance and repairs can be managed without complete filter disassembly. For extended filter life, the Chemifilter is fully coated with corrosion-resistant materials.

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5500/4600 Series Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Manufacturer

Horizontal Belt Filters

Compositech's 5500/4600 horizontal belt filters are designed for easy maintenance as the non-drive side of the frame is designed for easy removal of the drainage belt, pulleys and support decks without complete disassembly of the filter. The horizontal vacuum filter pan is easily accessible with a lowering mechanism. These horizontal vacuum belt filters are heavy duty designed for continuous operation and they can be totally enclosed for control of fumes and sprays, fitted with several cake washing options, designed to incorporate wash down systems, and fully coated with corrosion resistant materials or fitted with food-grade components as needed.

T-REX™ Horizontal Belt Filter

Horizontal Filters

Our T-REX™ Horizontal Belt Filter is the largest filter of its kind. This horizontal belt filter, initially manufactured for flue gas desulphurization for TXU Energy, is a 4-meter wide modular system which can be sized and resized according to customer needs.
Each easily transportable module is 2.5 meters long and increases the filtration area by 10 square meters. To change the size of the filter, you simply add or remove modules.

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