Replacement Parts for Filtration Equipment

In addition to our lines of filtration equipment, Compositech manufactures filtration systems replacement parts for Ahlstrom, Alar, Ametek, Andritz, Ashbrook, Beloit-Jones™, Carter, Celleco™, Dorr-Oliver®, Eimco™, Envirex, Enviroquip, Filtres Philippe, IMPCO™, Komline-Sanderson®, Pannevis, Parkson, Peterson, Sernagiotto/SernaTech, Westech, US Filter, and most other filter brands. Our goal in manufacturing filter replacement parts is to offer upgrades to filter performance and reliability. Our parts meet vigorous standards for quality and durability and are designed to offer increased filter performance and lower maintenance costs. Check out our Replacement Parts Brochure below!

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Our components meet or beat the quality of the original equipment used by the filter manufacturer and are manufactured and warranted by Compositech and not by the original equipment manufacturer.

Compositech is not an authorized replacement parts or services supplier for GL&V®, GL&V and design®, CELLECO™, Beloit Jones™ and/or IMPCO™ brand process equipment or parts therefor nor is it in any way associated with GL&V USA Inc. or its affiliated entities.

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