Mining Filtration Equipment


Filters used in mining and metallurgical processing generally are engineered with characteristics specific to application in this industry. Compositech manufactures horizontal belt filters, disc filters, and drum filters that are used extensively in mining and metallurgical processing.

Compositech is a leading manufacturer of mining filtration equipment. We manufacture horizontal belt filters, with several of our filters currently in operation in high tonnage, heavy industries including mining and metallurgy.

The Compositech horizontal belt filter line features tubular frames for ease of cleaning and special corrosion resistant materials are used in filter construction and for coatings. We use non-lubricated FDA approved polymer bearings, fully enclosed troughing supports, full coverage drip pans with flanged drains, and fully encapsulated drainage belts. Our horizontal belt filters are available in widths up to 4 meters wide. Our largest horizontal belt filter is a modular system that can be sized and resized according to customer needs. Each module is 2.5 meters long and increases the filtration area by 10 square

Our silica processing 5500 series horizontal belt filter is highly efficient and provides a low maintenance solution for processing mined sand. Our horizontal belt filter provides a filter cake with a moisture level of less than 5% for our sand processing customers including:

  • EOG Resources
  • Fairmount Minerals
  • Mining Consultants
  • Mohawk Garnet
  • Pattison Brothers Sand Company
  • Quality Sand
  • U.S. Silica
  • Wedron Silica Company


Our rotary vacuum Condisk series of filters are aimed specifically at mineral concentrates such as copper, iron ore, bauxite, lead, molybdenum, and vanadium. This new generation of disc filters is designed for higher rotational speeds and a more efficient filtration cycle. Our Condisk filter is designed with a Compositech Composite Centershaft which is a specialized component designed to provide a solution for customers who use disc filters for processing slurries with a corrosive pH level as low as 0.3.

We are also able to offer our Composite Centershaft as a replacement part for disc filters made by other manufacturers. Our centershaft is made of engineered plastics, pultruded fiberglass reinforced resin, and elastomers made to withstand extremely corrosive environments. This product has a lifespan 8 times that of a standard cast iron centershaft operating in a corrosive environment. In addition to the centershaft, we have many mining customers who use our replacement sectors which are designed specifically to withstand mining and metallurgical processing. Though typically made of stainless steel, for our mining customers we make sectors with a body of engineered plastics.


Our drum filters, which have been engineered to meet application demands for mining and metallurgy processing, are available with several discharge options. The most appropriate drum filter discharge is determined by the specific application for each customer. In clarifying applications, very high filtrate clarity can be achieved with a precoat discharge design. For processing caustic slurries, we offer thermoplastic drum filters which provide dependable vacuum filtration at a substantially lower cost than exotic metals. All components which contact corrosive agents are made of engineered plastics.

In addition to manufacturing our own lines of filters, Compositech also provides replacement parts and performance upgrades for the mining industry aimed at existing installations of disc, drum and horizontal belt filters. Our goal is to offer upgrades to throughput and reliability through our replacement parts. Our parts meet vigorous standards for quality and durability and are designed to offer increased filter performance and lower maintenance costs. Our components meet or beat the quality of the original equipment used by the filter manufacturer.

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