Vacuum Disc Filters

Rotary Disk Filters

Vacuum Disc Filters

Compositech manufactures our own rotary vacuum disc filters used extensively in pulp processing and chemical and mineral processes, but also in any filtration process which requires a large volume of filter area to de-water and dry the product. Filter cake thickness varies based on the process and the specific gravity of the material. Compositech's disc vacuum filters, also known as Sector Disc Filters or Disc Filter Saveall machines are able to adapt to changes in the feed rate and the solids concentration of the slurry and provides good performance and high production rates. Compositech is able to provide vacuum disc filter design, maintenance and repair.

For certain applications, Compositech uses corrosion-resistant materials for our disc vacuum filter components. Our composite centershaft is a specialized filter component designed to provide a solution for customers filtering slurries with corrosive pH levels as low as 0.3. Many customers processing caustic chemicals or minerals also benefit from our sectors/segments made either entirely of engineered plastics or with a stainless steel frame and a body of engineered plastics.

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Rotary Vacuum Filter Design, Specs, Maintenance, and Repair 

Rotary Vacuum Disk Filters

Rotary vacuum disc filters are versatile and provide reliable, continuous liquid/solid separation but they require significant operator attention and a large volume of cloth bag replacement due to the high tonnage of the abrasive materials being handled. Our technical staff has a broad background with years of experience working directly for disc vacuum filter manufacturers. With this wealth of experience, we are available to provide a range of services from simple sector recovering to complete filter rebuilds and emergency repairs for all models of disc filter.

We have many customers who regularly use our sector/segment rebuilding and recovering services. In addition to our supply of sectors and their related
parts, Compositech's inventory includes centershafts, drives, wear plates, eel slip plates, valves, and seals for all makes and models of vacuum disc filters.

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