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View PDF Several years ago, Compositech entered into a joint venture with the Italian company, Sernagiotto and the SernaTech Belt Filters were produced. Manufacturing of these units were done by Compositech Products Manufacturing in our Pearland, TX facility. Compositech stocks up to date spare parts and assemblies for  SernaTech Filters including cloth belts, bearings, bellows, nozzles, replacement spray bars and many more.

Compositech also manufactures several of our own models of Gravity Belt Thickeners as well as high quality replacement parts.  The gravity belt thickener, or gravity table, is designed to increase the solid content of the feed sludge by up to ten times the consistency of the inlet sludge.  The simplicity of the machinery makes it easy to maintain and its minimal power consumption makes the gravity table a very cost effective means of sludge thickening. 

Compositech’s GT series Key Elements:

  • Suitable for treating any type of sludge
  • Filter belt is supported by a high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Separates over 90% of the suspended solids from the sludge
  • Standard stainless steel framework but can be modified to fit customers needs
  • Designed for continuous 24 hours per day, 365 days per year operation • Minimal maintenance


  • Small space required
  • Flexibility of the system in order to reach a thickened sludge
  • No flotation troubles
  • Less retention time
  • Optional cover to prevent undesirable odors
  • Constant final thickening free from the concentration of the sludge to be treated
  • Lighter filtrate

Compositech’s GT gravity belt thickeners separate over 90% of the suspended solids from the sludge and feature fast separation and high constant hourly yields.

Special Features:

  • Wide flange H section steel frame
  • Wear resistant belt support bars for long filter life
  • High quality seamless cloth filter belt
  • Adjustable turbo-mixer to mix the sludge and the polymer
  • Specially shaped plows which improve sludge drainage by reversing and distributing sludge on the belt
  • Sludge leveler at the drainage zone to improve the thickening effect

Compositech is also a leading manufacturer of the SernaTech Belt Press assemblies. The SernaTech Belt Filter Press is a multi-level construction consisting of a gravity dewatering zone, a wedge pressing zone, and a final pressure zone.  The belts converge on each side of the sludge in the wedge zone and the pressure zone applies shear and surface pressure by wrapping the belts around the pressure rolls. Our cantilever frame facilitates the use of seamless belts and, with an easily cleaned steel frame, our belt filter press is well suited for abrasive slurry dewatering.

We stock the following and many more:

  • Bearing assemblies
  • Seals
  • Gaskets
  • Rollers
  • Doctor blades
  • Plows

SernaTech Replacement Part

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