Replacement Tracking Assemblies


Pneumatic Tracking Systems

Compositech offers replacement tracking assemblies, both pneumatic and hydraulic, for belt press filters and horizontal belt filters. Our pneumatic tracking systems are designed as direct replacements for Andritz, Sernatech, and Sernagiotto belt press systems. For our horizontal belt customers we stock JUD tracking valves, sensing paddles, cross blocks, and aligning rod assemblies, all constructed from 304 stainless steel.

Hydraulic Tracking Systems

Our hydraulic tracking assembly is a direct replacement for Ashbrook belt press filters. We keep a good supply of hydraulic tracking valves, stainless steel sensing paddles, ceramic wear strips and stainless valve springs.


In addition to our pneumatic and hydraulic tracking systems for belt press filters, Compositech manufactures both single and dual head edge trackers for use in all drum and horizontal belt filters. Our highly durable edge trackers are constructed from UHMW and stainless steel. The combination of UHMW and stainless steel construction provides significant cost savings for the customer without sacrificing quality.

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