StraightLine™ Filters

StraightLine Filtration EquipmentCompositech produces a line of small- and medium-sized horizontal belt filters designed specifically for fine chemical filtration. They are available in widths from 12 to 48 inches and lengths from 3 to 35 feet. Total active filtration area ranges from 2.5 to 100 sq ft. Recently, Compositech received a request from a mining operation in China for a small straight line filter. Compositech was ready with the SL Chemifilter™, our industry alternative to the StraightLine™ filter. Easily transportable, models of our SL Chemifilter™ are currently in operation in China, Bahrain, England, Canada and several locations within the United States.

SL Chemifilter Maintenance

Designed for ease of maintenance, the drainage belt, pulleys, and support decks are easily removed from the SL Chemifilter™. Most maintenance and repairs can be managed without complete filter disassembly. For extended filter life, the SL Chemifilter™ is fully coated with corrosion-resistant materials.

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